Booking Policies

Booking Information

Rules & Regulations

First & Goal Inc.

Event Sales & Marketing Department

Please contact the Sales and Marketing department at (206) 381-7555

Booking Procedures

First & Goal Inc. (FGI) operates CenturyLink Field, CenturyLink Field Event Center, and WaMu Theater. All contracts regarding use of these facilities are made with FGI.

Advertising at CenturyLink Field and CenturyLink Field Event Center

FGI owns exclusive rights to all advertising opportunities within CenturyLink Field & CenturyLink Field Event Center, and must approve the display of any third-party advertising or sponsorship recognition. These include, but are not limited to, signs, handouts, banners, information booths, sample distribution and video/audio recognition anywhere on CenturyLink Field & CenturyLink Field Event Center property, including the stage or playing area. FGI also reserves the right to light permanent signs at all events during times when house lights are illuminated.


AVMS is the exclusive audio-visual provider for CenturyLink Field, CenturyLink Field Event Center, and WaMu Theater. To see pricing and contact information, view the AVMS Pricing Sheet or visit their website.

Box Office

All event ticket arrangements must be made through the FGI box office, which will coordinate the ticket set-up with Ticketmaster, the facility’s authorized computerized ticket agency, or hard ticket printer. The applicable fee is dependent upon the type of event scheduled. Licensees are responsible for all credit card fees associated with box office ticket sales.

Catering and Concessions

Catering and concessions are available exclusively through First & Goal Hospitality. Outside food and beverage is not permitted in the facility. For more information, see Food & Beverage.

Contract Execution

All dates are considered to be tentative until a contract has been fully executed and returned to the Event Sales and Marketing department. An original copy of the contract will be sent to the licensee, which must be signed and returned with the deposit and insurance certificate within a timely manner. The contract will then be signed by FGI and a fully executed original contract will be forwarded to the licensee.

Upon completion of the contract, an event manager will be assigned to the licensee’s event, who will be the main contact for all operational logistics regarding the event from load-in through load-out.


Edlen Electrical Services is the exclusive provider of power at CenturyLink Field & CenturyLink Field Event Center. Please contact Mark Galstaun at (206) 781-2411 or

Electronic Reader Boards

FGI makes every effort to list all events open to the public on the electronic reader boards.

Event Management

After the Licensee has signed the Licensee Agreement the event is given to an event manager who handles all operational logistics from move-in to move-out.

Event Promotion

Licensees are responsible for all event promotions, however, FGI will list events on its website. For further promotion or marketing needs, such as logos, maps, local media contacts, etc., please notify the CenturyLink Field & Event Center event manager.

Insurance Requirements

A licensee is required to have a $2,000,000 comprehensive general liability insurance policy. First and Goal Inc. and the Washington State Public Stadium Authority (PSA) must be named as additional co-insureds on the policy. In addition, the licensee must have workers’ compensation insurance and automobile liability insurance. See the contract’s insurance portion of contract for more details.


Event-related labor services are provided by FGI at the licensee’s expense. All event requirements must be approved by facility management prior to move-in. Licensees are requested to contact their event manager for questions regarding labor.


For any network requests please download and submit the Network Service Order Form

Rental Rates

Rental rates are for space only. They do not include house lighting, the public address system, heating/air conditioning, clean-up, show office, house equipment or event staffing. Move-in and move-out is charged at a one-half daily rental rate. Decorator move-in also may be subject to this charge.

Seattle Fire Department-Special Event Permits

Please visit the Fire Department’s Special Event Permits page.


At the conclusion of the event, the licensee will be responsible for settling outstanding facility expenses. At settlement, the licensee will be presented with available documented facility expenses including, but not limited to: rent balance, event staffing, ticketing expenses, user fees, taxes (if applicable) and catering expenses (if applicable). If, at the sole discretion of FGI, ticket sale proceeds are not sufficient to cover facility expenses, the licensee may be required to make additional deposits prior to the event. If such deposits are not made within a designated time frame, the event may be canceled, resulting in the licensee’s deposit being forfeited.


WBL Services is the exclusive provider of telecommunication equipment and services at CenturyLink Field & CenturyLink Field Event Center. Please contact Bill Lipscomb at WBL Services, (206) 285-4080 or

Ticket Tax

All tickets for events and seminars are subject to a 3.1% state admission tax and a 1.2% state surcharge tax. Washington state requires that the total price, including taxes, be shown on the face of the ticket. The total price must be rounded to a full dollar amount.

The License Agreement provides further explanation of the CenturyLink Field & CenturyLink Field Event Center (CF&CFEC) Rules and Regulations. In the event of a conflict between these two documents, the License Agreement shall be the control document. The Rules and Regulations set forth herein may change from time to time at the discretion of the management of CF&CFEC.

Any violation of these rules and regulations shall subject the violator to immediate expulsion from CF&CFEC together with forfeiture of all sums at that time paid for the use of CF&CFEC, as well as create an enforceable liability on the part of the Licensee, in the courts, for payment of any unpaid and owed sums of money together with damages.

Licensee shall notify their exhibitors and contractors of these Rules and Regulations and be responsible for their enforcement. Licensee shall also be responsible for payment of all applicable fees and charges should their exhibitors or contractors default or fail to meet their obligations, with respect to the Rules and Regulations.

All requests for licensing of space at CF&CFEC facility must be made through the Sales and Marketing Department of CF&CFEC.

Licensee may be required to complete rental application. After the rental application is received, reviewed and approved, a License Agreement outlining deposit, insurance, and other pertinent requirements will be issued. The License must be fully executed and returned within the specified time to secure the date(s) and the facilities.

Verbal agreements for the use of CF&CFEC are not binding upon the Corporation nor the Director of Facility Sales and Marketing of CF&CFEC. Letters of Intent and similar instruments are not binding upon the Corporation, unless signed by the Vice President of Facility Sales and Marketing or his designee.

The rental payment for use of CF&CFEC facilities shall be due and payable prior to the occupancy of CF&CFEC. Terms for payment are detailed in the License Agreement. The rent consists of fees for using identified areas of CF&CFEC. The rental does not include any staff, utilities, special services or equipment not supplied under the terms of the License Agreement.

All CF&CFEC reimbursable expenses shall be paid in advance of the occupancy by the Licensee. The Director of Facility Sales and Marketing shall designate the time of such payments in the license agreement, which shall be prior to the staging of any event.

Any applicant seeking to use CF&CFEC may be required to furnish a satisfactory cash or security bond commensurate with all risks and expense involved.

Deposits and rental payments are non-refundable, except in such cases where CF&CFEC is unable to deliver possession of the facilities in accordance with the License Agreement, where the license is subject to cancellation by CF&CFEC without further notice.

The Licensee shall with a representative of CF&CFEC inspect, prior to occupancy, those areas of the building to be used and equipment to be utilized, to ensure that they are in proper condition for the uses contemplated by the Licensee. At the conclusion of the event, the Licensee with a representative of CF&CFEC, shall inspect CF&CFEC to determine damages, if any, resulting from Licensee’s event.

Unless otherwise provided, the period of occupancy for all Licensees shall be between the hours of 8:00am and 11:00pm. An additional fee may be charged to the Licensee for use of the facility beyond the time specified in the License Agreement. Any such overtime use must be with the prior approval of the Director of Facility Sales and Marketing.

Move-in and move-out hours are from 8:00am until 11:00pm daily. Variations from these hours will be negotiated with the Director of Facility Sales and Marketing. All labor requirements for move-in and move-out and set up of display areas shall be the responsibility of the Licensee. CF&CFEC will not accept freight shipments for Licensee or exhibitors prior to the licensed period. Licensee is responsible for consignment of freight shipments.

CF&CFEC does not assume responsibility for deliveries or loss of goods, merchandise or other articles of value. CF&CFEC is not responsible for the loss or theft or any property of the Licensee or Attendee’s. All redeemable containers shall be removed from the premises before vacating. Abandoned containers will be confiscated without right of restitution. CF&CFEC does not provide exhibit crate storage within CF&CFEC. It is the responsibility of the Licensee to make arrangements for off site storage of all crates and packing material.

Energy conservation is a prime concern to CF&CFEC and minimal light and comfortable levels will be maintained during move-in and move-out periods. Move-in and move-out periods, rehearsals and similar pre-event activities may be assessed a utility charge for special light and comfort level requirements.

All packages, cartons, crates and containers brought into and out of the facility are subject to inspection by facility security.

Any printed materials left at the conclusion of functions will not be saved.

The following forklifts are permitted on the parking structure ramp and second floor: TCM 700 series, model number FG10N18 or FG15N18.

Forklifts are not permitted on the Occidental Plaza east of the bullard line, on the Royal Brougham sidewalk, or on the Concourse level. No vehicles are permitted on the Occidental plaza, east of the bullard line, without special permission. Any vehicle accessing the main floor must remain inside the drive lanes.

Operations management must approve any ceiling plan, which requires rigging suspended from the main floor structural steel.

Loading of freight items is not permitted on elevators.

Regulation of Use
Licensee may not use the licensed area or permit any part of CF&CFEC to be used for any purpose other than the event, and shall not permit its use:

  • For lodging
  • In conflict with any law, ordinance, rule or regulation of any governmental authorities
  • In any manner which would violate the provisions of insurance coverage on or related to CF&CFEC, or increase the rate of such insurance
  • In any manner which causes constitutes waste or nuisance
  • In any manner which causes or threatens to cause injury or alteration to CF&CFEC.

Licensees may not obstruct or interfere with the occupancy of other licensees in CF&CFEC, or in any way injure or annoy them.

Licensee shall provide proof of coverage in the amounts of Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) of Combined Single Limit coverage to include: Comprehensive Form, Premises/Operations, Contractual, Broad Form Property Damage and Products/Completed Operations, at least thirty (30) days prior to Event. Such insurance shall specifically include the Licensor, its directors, officers and its employees, as additional insureds. It is understood and agreed that such insurance shall cover any damage or injury to any and all persons attending or property connected with the Event when such persons or property are located in the Center because of Licensee’s activities therein.

Licensee will provide Worker’s Compensation coverage for their employees to comply with the laws of the State of Washington.

Licensee shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend CF&CFEC, its directors, officers, agents and employees for and from any and all losses, claims, liability, damage, action and judgments recovered from or asserted against them or other expenses (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and expenses) arising out of, or relating to, the Licensee’s use of CF&CFEC. Such indemnification shall not be effective to the extent that the damage or injury results from the negligence of CF&CFEC.

The Licensee shall provide the Licensor with a floor plan that is to scale no later than one hundred twenty (120) days before the event and at least thirty (30) days before the Licensee publishes or distributes any material containing such information. Such floor plans shall indicate all spaces to be used for exhibits, registration, demonstration areas and stages and are subject to prior approval by Licensor and the Seattle Fire Marshal. Any final plan, if different from the plan originally submitted, shall be re-submitted not less than thirty (30) days prior to the event.

The Licensee will familiarize themselves, their agents and employees with the safety procedures and regulations governing all parts of CF&CFEC used by the Licensee.

The Licensee is responsible for the character, acts and conduct of all persons admitted to the premises or any portion of a licensed area. The Licensee agrees to have on hand, at all times, sufficient security and medical personnel to maintain order and protect all persons and property.

For commercial events that are open to the public, or for events with attendance in excess of one thousand (1,000) attendees, or for events where alcohol is served and consumed, Licensee may be required to provide licensed emergency medical technician staffing on site at all times that the facility is open for the event.

For commercial events, consumer shows or public events, Licensee shall provide Seattle Police and/or Uniformed Security officers on site at all times the facility is open.

CF&CFEC reserves the right to set the final staffing levels and hours required by the event.

At least one hour before the announced starting time of any function a responsible representative of the Permittee must be present and must remain until the function has ended and all patrons have left the premises.

No portion of the sidewalks, ramps, entrances and exits, corridors, passageways, vestibules, halls, lobbies, stairways, escalators, elevators, aisles, driveways, or access to public utilities of CF&CFEC shall be obstructed or used for any other purpose than ingress and egress. Access to fire detection and suppression systems, HVAC vents and house lighting fixtures and controls shall not be covered or obstructed. Fire fighting and emergency equipment shall not be hidden or obstructed, including fire extinguishers, fire hose cabinets and fire alarm pull stations.


Fire regulations prohibit the storage of combustible materials behind the back curtains of booths, and in the service space between back-to-back booths. Written authorization by first CF&CFEC and then the Seattle Fire Marshal shall be required for the following:

  • Display and operation of any heater, barbecue, heat-producing or open flame devices, candles, lanterns, torches, welding equipment or other smoke emitting materials as part of an exhibit.
  • Display and operation of any electrical, mechanical, or chemical devices which may be deemed hazardous by the Seattle Fire Marshal.
  • All toxic and hazardous material, including flammable liquids, compressed gas or dangerous chemicals.
  • Fireworks or other pyrotechnics to be set off in or near CF&CFEC.

No live animal, reptile, fish or bird is allowed in CF&CFEC, unless proper precautions have been made to control and restrain such animal, reptile, fish or bird, and for which written permission has been provided by CF&CFEC.

Gasoline powered vehicles may be displayed with a maximum of one (1) gallon of gas remaining in the tank. A locking gas cap must be installed or the tank must be adequately sealed in some other appropriate manner. All battery cables must be disconnected and taped to avoid potential sparks. Fuel is to be dispensed or removed with appropriate safety equipment. Liquid petroleum tanks, empty or full, are not be stored in the building. All electrical equipment must be UL approved and gasoline engines must be AGA approved. Installation of all such equipment is to be under the supervision of CF&CFEC.

The Licensee shall not, without prior written approval of CF&CFEC, put up or operate any engine, or motor, or machinery on the premises, or in CF&CFEC using oils, burning fluids, camphene, kerosene, namptha, or gasoline for either mechanical or other purposes, using any agent other than electricity for illumination, or otherwise bring combustible, explosive, or other dangerous or hazardous materials into CF&CFEC.

All decorations, drapes, signs, banners, table coverings and skirts, carpeting or similar decorative materials used in exhibits shall be flame retardant to the satisfaction of the Seattle Fire Marshal. All such material is subject to inspection and flame testing by the Fire Marshal. The Licensee shall provide the Fire Marshal with a copy of the certification of flammability standard from the manufacturer.

Licensee shall not, without CF&CFEC’s prior written approval, bring or permit any decorative materials in or about CF&CFEC including, but not limited to: crepe paper; cellophane; confetti; cotton; cornstalk; leaves; evergreen boughs; sheaves of grain; streamers; straw; paper; vines or moss.

Oil cloth, tarpaper, sisal paper, nylon and certain other plastic materials cannot be made flame retardant and their use is prohibited.

CF&CFEC reserves for itself or its agents, contractors or concessionaires, the sole right to the following services:

  • Sales and serving of all on-site consumable foods and confections and beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and tobacco products.
  • Parking.
  • Sale of souvenirs, novelties, programs and other merchandise.

Food and beverage concession areas in exhibit halls must be accessible, open and operating during public shows unless prior approval to close them is granted by CF&CFEC. For public shows, a certain percentage of the floor must be allocated to concession areas. Please see Event Manager for specifics.

All food and beverage services must be provided by First & Goal Hospitality, the exclusive caterer of the facility. Food and beverages shall not be sold for consumption on the premises except by concessionaires designated by CF&CFEC. Food and beverage products may be sold to patrons for consumption not on the premises, subject to special approval of CF&CFEC.

CF&CFEC must approve, in advance, all exhibitor or Licensee’s requests for food or beverage sample products distributed from exhibition booths or any other areas within CF&CFEC.

Generally the following will apply:

  • Exhibitors who manufacture, process or distribute food as their normal course of business and would like to distribute food samples may be allowed, provided their food samples are no larger than bite size, and the beverages are no larger than three (3) ounces.
  • Exhibitors who do not manufacture, process or distribute food as their normal course of business and would like to distribute food must purchase their food samples from CF&CFEC food service contractor, at retail prices, and no restriction on the size will be applied.

CF&CFEC reserves the exclusive right to furnish, install, or provide: electrical services; data/telecommunication services; air/water/drain services; and food & beverage services. Such services shall be provided to the requestor upon receipt of a written order and will be charged at the then prevailing rates for such services.

CF&CFEC maintains twenty-four (24) hour security for the perimeter and internal areas. Licensee is responsible for complete security within all exhibit areas, meeting rooms, and other licensed areas. CF&CFEC will have final approval of security requirements for all events conducted within the Facility. All security or other protective service desired by Licensee will be provided by CF&CFEC or its designee and will be charged at the then prevailing rates.

CF&CFEC shall have available to it at all times total and complete access to all portions of the Facility including, but not limited to, the licensed areas. Licensee shall supply to CF&CFEC keys to all areas they desire to secure under lock; such keys and locks to be provided for, installed and removed at the sole expense of Licensee subject to immediate removal upon termination of the Agreement, or otherwise at the direction of CF&CFEC.

The park areas, plaza, lobbies, all facility entrances and exits are considered common areas and generally not under Licensee control. All activities utilizing common areas are subject to prior written approval of CF&CFEC, and must take into consideration the requirements of all Licensees using CF&CFEC. Detailed floor plans with specifications are to be submitted to CF&CFEC for prior written approval for all use of common areas.

CF&CFEC shall provide all personnel services in support of the Licensee’s activities, including, but not limited to: badge checkers, ticket takers, coat check, transportation attendants, door attendants, ushers, and ticket sellers.

Final determination of the number of personnel and the hours worked by the various categories shall be at the discretion of CF&CFEC, after consultation with the Licensee. Licensee shall pay for all event personnel at the then prevailing rates. The Licensee shall be responsible for making all arrangements with CF&CFEC for all program requirements and staffing. Such arrangements shall be coordinated and approved by CF&CFEC at least ninety (90) days before the beginning of the term of the License Agreement.

CF&CFEC personnel will maintain all public access areas which include lobbies, hallways, rest rooms, meeting rooms. The cost of maintaining these areas is the responsibility of the Licensee.

All janitorial and cleaning service beginning with the opening day of move-in, during show days, and through the final day of move-out shall be provided by CF&CFEC staff and shall be charged at the then prevailing rate.

Licensee shall be responsible for arranging removal of bulk trash, crates, pallets, packing material and any other excessive trash. Licensee is responsible for any unusual amount of dirt, debris, oil or grease. Requests for special housekeeping services will be provided at an additional fee to Licensee.

Licensee is responsible to instruct decorators, contractors and subcontractors to clean up after themselves and maintain a safe working environment.

Exhibitors with displays having damp garbage or similar debris are required to place this refuse in disposable containers. These containers are the responsibility of the Licensee.

Licensee shall submit to CF&CFEC, in writing, ninety (90) days in advance of the first move-in date a list of service companies providing a service to the exhibitors. The Licensee shall be responsible for said companies to be properly licensed and insured prior to entering CF&CFEC. Service companies shall provide a copy of their business license and certificate of liability insurance in the amount of two million ($2,000,000) dollars to CF&CFEC at least thirty (30) days in advance of Licensee’s move-in date.

Licensee shall not mark or deface CF&CFEC and will not drive, or install, any nails, hooks, tacks, or screws into any part of the Facility, and will not make any alterations of any kind to the building or equipment of CF&CFEC. Licensee shall not post or exhibit any signs, advertisements, show bills, lithographs, posters or cards of any description on any part of CF&CFEC, unless relating to the event and without the permission of CF&CFEC.

All tickets sold to the public, exhibitors and participants, including day of show, advance and group tickets will be ordered by Licensee from a bonded and recognized ticket printing company and shipped directly to the CF&CFEC Box Office Manager. CF&CFEC has an exclusive agreement with Ticketmaster to provide all computerized, internet and automated ticketing services.

All tickets will be disbursed, sold, refunded and controlled by CF&CFEC or its designated ticket agency. The costs for providing this service including but not limited to ticket printing, ticket sales, ticket taking, money counting and security will be at the sole cost and expense of Licensee.

Licensee is responsible to meet all city and state requirements for the sales of tickets including obtaining all necessary permits. The price of admission, plus the amount of Admission Tax and Surcharge Tax must be printed on the face of each ticket. Comp tickets are taxed at the highest ticket price. CF&CFEC will collect and pay all taxes and fees.

Security and traffic control guards are authorized to control all traffic patterns and movement of events. All decorators, exhibitor, and show personnel are to follow the directions of traffic and security personnel. Vehicles may not be left unattended for an extended length of time during move-in and move-out. Exhibitor vehicles are authorized to enter the Facility for loading and unloading purposes. Vehicles inside the facility must be shut off and the transmission must be in a “park” position. Once an exhibitor has unloaded, the vehicle is to be removed from inside the facility.


The Licensee shall be required to comply with, and acquire any and all applicable federal, state and/or municipal permits or licenses for doing business with the State of Washington and the municipality of Seattle.

The Licensee shall pay all taxes of whatever nature becoming due by reason of its use of CF&CFEC facilities, and shall indemnify CF&CFEC against all liability for any such taxes.

All advertising for events at which an admission is charged must state the total admission price. Licensee shall not advertise any event unless, and until, contracts between all parties have been fully executed.

Licensee and Licensee’s service contractors are responsible for the removal of tape residue marks on the exhibit hall floor and/or on any CF&CFEC equipment. CF&CFEC recommends the use of residue-resistant tape. Removal and damage costs incurred by CF&CFEC from the use of tape will be charged to the Licensee.

Each Licensee shall accept the premises in the condition they find them and shall return the premises in the same condition at the conclusion of the period of the License Agreement. No alterations or changes shall be made without the prior approval of the Director of Facility Sales and Marketing. Alterations included in this policy include, but are not limited to, movement of interior plants, movement of equipment, or relocation of furnishings.

The Licensee will be held responsible for damages incurred by reason of actions of his patrons or employees. Any type of damage to any CF&CFEC property or equipment is to be reported immediately to the CF&CFEC security control office.

CF&CFEC is a non-smoking building. All areas of CF&CFEC will be designated as non-smoking areas.

Under no circumstances shall Licensee place exhibits outside of CF&CFEC or in any parking area, unless the area has been contracted for as an exhibit space.

CF&CFEC policy strictly prohibits any CF&CFEC employee from accepting any gifts, gratuities, loans, favors or any other items of monetary value from parties doing business with CF&CFEC. Licensee and their exhibitors should be aware of this policy and refrain from any such activities.

No copyrighted material shall be presented in any manner in connection with the use of CF&CFEC unless arrangements for all royalties and fees for such presentation shall first have been made with satisfactory evidence of such arrangements presented to the Director of Facility Sales and Marketing prior to such a program.

No broadcast, telecast or recording is authorized without the prior written approval of the Director of Facility Sales and Marketing. CF&CFEC reserves the right to a negotiated percentage of any revenue derived from such broadcast, telecast or recording. The Licensee shall pay in advance all expenses of any such broadcast, telecast or recording when approved by the Director of Facility Sales and Marketing.

Helium balloons may not be given out in CF&CFEC. Helium balloons for decorative purposes are subject to prior written approval of CF&CFEC. Removal of any balloons and/or repairing any damages after the event will be charged to the Licensee at the prevailing rate.

In the event that the licensed space is not vacated by Licensee at the end of the period set forth in the License Agreements, CF&CFEC shall move, at the expense of the Licensee, any and all goods, wares, merchandise and property of any and all kinds of description.

CF&CFEC retains the right to use and/or license use of such portions of the Facility as are not licensed by the License Agreement.

All matters, rules, regulations or deviations there from, not expressly provided for herein, shall be decided upon by the Director of Facility Sales and Marketing and/or the Director of Facility Operations of CF&CFEC.