Rules for Areas Surrounding CenturyLink Field and Event Center

Rules for Areas Surrounding CenturyLink Field and Event Center

First & Goal Inc. (“Management”) is a private corporation that leases CenturyLink Field and Event Center (the “Facility”) and related property from the Washington State Public Stadium Authority to promote and conduct sporting events, concerts, trade shows and other activities attended by large numbers of patrons.

Management has adopted these Free Speech Rules (“Rules”) to allow free speech and other forms of expression in a safe and reasonable manner at the areas outside and surrounding the Facility. These Rules have been adopted, among other reasons, to promote public safety and to facilitate the free flow and passage of individuals and traffic to and from the Facility.


  1. “Property” means the Facility and the outdoor areas surrounding the Facility including adjacent parking areas and plazas.  The Property is bounded on the north by the North Lot Development Property, on the South by Royal Brougham Way, on the West by Occidental Avenue South and on the East by the Railroad Right of Way.
  2. “Petitioning” means conduct by which a person solicits signatures for a political purpose, or makes available any political petition or similar instrument for signature by passers-by, whether such instrument is intended for multiple signatures (e.g., a petition) or for a single signature (e.g., a mail-in post card), including without limitation signatures for any petition to the Secretary of State of Washington.
  3. “Free Speech Activity” means speech or conduct that is constitutionally protected under the Washington State or United States Constitutions, including the dissemination or distribution of expressive material.
  4. “Free Press Activity” means conduct which has a purpose protected under the Washington State or United States Constitution, including distribution or sale of publications related to news or public affairs.


  1. People may engage in Petitioning, Free Speech Activity and Free Press Activity on the Property as provided by these Rules.  Management does not intend these Rules to apply to the public sidewalks and streets adjacent to the Property.
  2. Petitioning, Free Speech Activity and Free Press Activity are not allowed in (a) areas inside the Facility for which a ticket or payment is required for admission, or (b) in any “Outdoor Activity Area,” defined as any outdoor area within the Property that Management may designate as requiring a ticket or payment or other criteria for admission that may not require a ticket or payment (including without limitation a beer garden or an event staging area), and that has a defined temporary perimeter or fence for purposes of Facility activities.  Activities in these areas are governed by the CenturyLink Field and Event Center Code of Conduct, which is available on the CenturyLink Field and Event Center website.
  3. The following activities are prohibited on the Property unless and only to the extent expressly authorized and permitted in advance and in writing by Management: (a) soliciting money or other contributions, or (b) offering samples of items which are sold, available for sale, or available in exchange for a donation or contribution, other than publications sold under the “Free Press Activity” provision.  Street entertainers displaying a small container (such as a hat, musical instrument case, or cigar box) for receiving payment in exchange for their entertainment may perform on the Property (except in areas inside the Facility and an Outdoor Activity Area) without prior authorization from Management if they comply with these Rules.
  4. Petitioning, Free Speech Activity, and Free Press Activity on the Property shall not (a) obstruct or interfere with pedestrian or vehicular traffic flow or the operation of any security checkpoint or ticket-selling or ticket-taking function or (b) violate other state or municipal laws or regulations of general applicability.
  5. Management reserves the right to place a sign or signs on the Property stating that the activities in which the petitioner/speaker is engaged in are not approved of, condoned, or endorsed by Management or the Seattle Seahawks or Seattle Sounders professional sports teams.
  6. Persons engaged in Petitioning, Free Speech Activity or Free Press Activity on the Property may not use audio amplification, or electronic or visual equipment to project sound or images in a manner that unreasonably interferes with Property use by others within the Property.
  7. No person may post or otherwise affix any materials, including without limitation leaflets, pamphlets, posters or handbills, on any part of the Facility, including without limitation on any walls, columns, windows, fences, light or utility standards, or plants.  Written or printed material, including without limitation leaflets or handbills, may be handed out so long as it is distributed to a passer-by who willingly accepts such material. No person may place or leave any such material on any unattended automobile or other vehicle, on any other surface, or otherwise on the Property.  Freestanding sandwich boards are not permitted on the Property.  No sign may be left unattended.  No tables or platforms may be set up or used on the Property in a place or manner that unreasonably restricts pedestrian or vehicular traffic flow.

These Rules are subject to change without notice.  Management reserves the right to revise these Rules at such times and in such manner as it deems appropriate.